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Don’t worry, you’ll be good :) This is a social media clinic. If you want to mix between people in the internet, you’d just come and visit us. Internet’s chemistry is variant. We’ll give you a receipt, vaccinate if you’d like. Than you’ll blossom happily.

Is your page aching? Have an upset group? Or having a run on temperature of messages? Than we’ll accept you to the Emergency Room. And stand next to you until you be healed.

You may wish to start with a check-up now. BaşlayabilirsinizIt’s a free service for you.

Yeni Doğan Büyüme Ünitesi

This is an intensive care area. Most of our guest brands open their eyes to the social world from here. Our specialist doctors define a development method to make the new born brands grow healthy and quickly. This method is integrated with the brands current marketing strategy. It provides positive reaction between the brand and its customers, thus strengthens the organic bounds.

Our guest brand is kept under regular observation until it stands on it’s own legs. The regular, positive symptoms are being recorded.

Our guest brand can use the Klinik’s continuous control and development programmes for a life time.

If you want to use this service, leave us your phone number and we’ll send you an appointment. Click for ER entrance

Hemen Kayıt İçin Tıklayınız

Yeni Doğan Büyüme Ünitesi

Wom-‘word of mouth’ is a very contagious virus. Being spread between people by talking and sharing stuff. The good natured causes big smiles on people’s faces. Bad natured however, may result in inconveniences. Here in Klinik, we mostly succeeded on controlling this virus for the sake of mankind’s wellness.

Our guest brands are taken to a detailed examination following the application to our Womology service. After the examination, we define the tissues that holds the interesting characteristics and content of the brand or product. Using these tissues, we produce a wom virus which is convenient to make people pique and talk about itself. Our doctors spread this virus in the most crowded social network areas by talking to people, sharing it and shouting it out loud in public places.

If you want to use this service, leave us your phone number and we’ll send you an appointment. Clic k for ER entrance

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Yeni Doğan Büyüme Ünitesi

We use several methods to include our guests to social media. First, a comprehensive examination to our guest’s campaign, product or brand is applied. Most compatible methods are selected accordingly.

Our research unit follows the new social media tools everyday and applies the newest methods.

If you want to use this service, leave us your phone number and we’ll send you an appointment. Clic k for ER entrance
We use 4 main methods for Social Integration

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Yeni Doğan Büyüme Ünitesi

Here we monitor the active facilities of our healing guests. Whatever being talked about you on social networks or news sites, problematic infections or not-to-be-missed well improvements are being analyzed carefully and reported.

Our labs uses the latest software technology for tracking and analyzing. Whole media channels are scanned every 10 minutes and by using the keyword technique, comments and contents about your brand, product, campaign or company workers are reported. In a inconvenient situation, our ER unit would take action on demand.

Our Evaluation Labs are at your service for your Monitoring and Evaluation needs!

If you want to use this service, leave us your phone number and we’ll send you an appointment. Click for ER Entrance

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Yeni Doğan Büyüme Ünitesi

Esthetic operation to a brand is a good choice to appear in the first rows of a search result. A brand that people talk about on the social media is a fragile one. Therefore, any negative response or comments would need to be rehabilitated.

If you want to use this service, leave us your phone number and we’ll send you an appointment.

This Service is being operated via there main Units: Social Media and Search Engines
The moment people start to talk about your brand on a social media, search engines will display them on the results.r.

• Our correspondent team will take action to make the good comments appear first and remove the bad ones or make them appear late.

• Search Engine Optimization is also organised by our specialists

Media Tracking & Reputation Management
The first phase of existance in social media is being talked about on blogs, forums and networks. However, every existing thing may not be 100% healthy.
• Klinik Research Unit tracks the comments about our guest brands and provides diagnostic reports.

• Makes suggestions about how a client shall take action if any unexpected occures and starts the rehab process on demand.

During this period, resources of bad comments are investigated and discomforts are inhibated by talking to real people if necessary.

Social Media Communications
Organising events, meeting with bloggers and appering on socially active people’s pages is quick-reactioning method without advers effects. However, social networks and pages of professional sharers have their own nature. Therefore, penetration should be taken with intensive care. Klinik guides you through the whole communication process.
Hemen Kayıt İçin Tıklayınız

Acil Servis

Our socially active guests may sometimes need emergency action. Common diseases are: communication platforms with very low feedback, social media pages with quite low member/follower numbers or unexpected, bad comment or spam waves.

Our guests may also request emergency action if they need priority and quick results. When such condition happens, our emergency service will start the cure very quickly and removes the negative symptoms. After all, the whole recovery process will take place with therapies and applications under the observation of our specialist doctors.

Social media is a living organization formed by real human beings. You’d be accepted only if you have compatible DNA. Otherwise, the organism would want this formation kicked out. This is way those brands gathering bad comments and negative shouts online need emergency action on location.

Our @mbulance service send our staff immediately to login where the problem occurs, diagnoses the problem by talking to real people and starts the healing process on location.

Hemen Kayıt İçin Tıklayınız
acil servis ekibi
Ambülans hizmeti almak istiyorum

Klinik builds a corporate identical blog equipped with necessary tools for the brand. Our guests start to feed their blogs according to our supervisions. Our doctors are always ready to consult for evaluating the user comments.


Being used for gathering information before new product launches and campaings.

We prepare online surveys according to the needs of our guests, the surveys are distrubuted and reactions are evaluated.


Includes Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Stumble Upon, Ekşisözlük, Xing, Linked In and so on.

Used for direct, person to person communication with potential customers or real time customers of a brand. Should be used regularly for everlasting effects.


These are small programs which can integrate with web sites, blogs and user desktops. They’re basically reproductive information streamer applications.

Delivers the information from the brand directly to the customer, therefore it has strong resistance to inactuality and stagnation. If the brands needs envision direct touch to the client, and to be directly in front of them all the time, this is a very compatible method.

Emergency Room Form

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